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Are All of the Al-Saud Clan Apostates? – Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh



[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: This is a strange question. He asks, “Are all of the Al-Saud family apostates? Also, should the punishment for apostasy be applied on all of the Al-Sauds?” Who said this, to begin with? Who issued this fatwa? Firstly, no one should be engaging in this type of classification of people into apostates, Muslims, hypocrites. If a person makes a statement that is unambiguously heretic, you can then determine for yourself in a private capacity that that person has left the fold of Islam. But, for you to make this a public statement, you’re not entitled to that. You’re neither a scholar with a following, so that the public would benefit from this public statement, nor are you a judge in a court of law.


So, what’s the point of you making this public? If a person is a scholar with a following, and there would be a definite and clear advantage to making a public statement about someone being an apostate, or you’re a judge in a court of law, giving a verdict on someone being an apostate, then, it would be acceptable. However, if you’re an ordinary person and there is no positive outcome from making a public statement, because others would declare that same person an unbeliever or a Muslim, and the matter of apostasy would be trivialized. You don’t even need all of this (in the case of the Al-Sauds).


You have acts of unbelief and heresy being committed today. Islam itself is absent. The practice of Islam is absent. Islam itself has been transgressed in its totality. In fact, Islam is under attack. <mark>So, you have clear and definite acts of unbelief being committed, and war is being waged against Islam. So, you don’t need to declare each and every one of them apostate.</mark> All that you need to do is and to justify it islamically is already present, without the need to declare specific people as apostates.


With regards to the Al-Sauds, they’re like other people. They can be atheists, and enemies of Allah who are allied with the unbelievers, and those who have left Islam, and those that are hypocrites, and those that are sinners, and those that are deeply entrenched in sins but who are still within Islam. There are those that engage in some corruption, but still practice Islam to some extent. There are also those that are religious, you don’t know. It’s true that these are few, but there are among them those that are practicing Muslims, and they wish they could disown the rest. <mark>So, we can’t paint them all with a broad brush and say that since they’re descended from so-and-so, they are all unbelievers and apostates. This is an unacceptable approach to the issue.</mark>

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