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Are the Recurring Floods in Saudi Arabia Divine Punishment? – Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] Another question: are the floods and storms that are hitting our country punishment? Allah knows best. The Jeddah floods, the storms in Oman, other natural disasters, not wars and conflicts. Now, people have no doubt that what has befallen Syria, Libya, Egypt are punishments. That’s because they were late to remove injustice. This is my speculation, of course, that people have no doubt about that. They were late to remove the injustice that had overshadowed them for decades, so, this punishment befell them. It’s true that, by the Will of Allah, this will be lifted soon, but they have to pay this price, in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen as well. The corruption, injustice, tyranny and authoritarianism that have overshadowed their lives, especially injustice, that overshadowed them during all this time, hypocrisy, despicable traditions, it was necessary for those to be cleansed by paying this great price. This is punishment. I don’t think people doubt that this is divine punishment.

Punishments take different forms and shapes, as is mentioned in the Quran and as the Prophet (pbuh) said. So, are the repeated Jeddah floods, are the massive storms and violent dust storms that we are afflicted with, are these punishments? They could be minor punishments, or they could be warnings. I don’t think that the injustice that we suffer, and the humiliation suffered by the people, and the silence in the face of injustice – the issue is not injustice per se, the issue is the inability to remove injustice. If you don’t have a mechanism, neither by the people nor the system, to remove injustice, or to remove corruption, or to eliminate what’s wrong, this is when punishment comes. The issue is not injustice itself. If injustice happens, and you remove it, you are saved from punishment. You will not deserve punishment. If there is injustice and you are unable to remove it just like the way things are today — look how many people are imprisoned. How many are deprived of their rights, how many are abused. People being abused in their religion, property, reputation, dignity, etc This injustice has not been removed.

So, I don’t think that a mere flood in Jeddah is the punishment for that. I am not being pessimistic, but I’m saying that if this injustice is not removed, this is simply a warning. A notice. Beware! The dust storm is like a divine message. If you don’t do anything about this injustice, you will get a much bigger punishment. When Allah lets us know about what is going on in Egypt, Syria, Libya, it’s also like a message to us, It’s as if we’re being addressed, “Why don’t you get ready?” “Why don’t you remove injustice?” “Why don’t you fix this ugly situation that you’re in?” This serves like a warning. If days and months and years go by and people didn’t get ready, there is no escaping punishment, Allah-forbid. Once again, this is not out of pessimism, but this is based on studying and understanding Allah’s laws.

So, these floods are simply warnings. They’re far lesser punishments than — May Allah forgive me — the degree of injustice that has not been removed and the corruption that we haven’t been able to remove. A question: if injustice, corruption and recklessness are rampant and no one is standing up against that, or trying to remove them, and the unjust, corrupt, opulent is in power, does that mean that the people are doomed to suffer divine punishment and wrath? If the answer is yes, then, why should we do something about it? He says, if — people always hear me say that if we don’t act, like I said previously, the end result is unavoidable divine punishment.

The question is, if this unavoidable divine punishment — he’s saying, “We’re not seeing anyone doing anything, and we’re not seeing injustice being removed, and I’m unable to take action. I’m one person. I can’t do anything. So, why should I take action? I won’t be able to effect change. So, why should I take action?” Of course, this mindset is wrong for two reasons. The first reason, you should take action either to save yourself because you will definitely be saved even if the whole Muslim Community and the country are not saved. You will be saved, one way or another. Allah knows best how, because Allah promised this.

Or, if you take action, and this and that person take action, and you are all driven by this sense of responsibility, and this sense spreads and grows, Allah would have averted danger from the entire Muslim Community, because injustice has been removed, and corruption has been removed, so, punishment is averted from this Muslim Community.

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