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Saudi Arabia’s Political Heresies – Abdullah Al-Hamid


[Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamid:] It’s a fact that one of the hurdles standing in the way of our Arab and Muslim worlds is the deeply-entrenched political and societal innovations (Bid’ah) and heresies that have been enabled by a perverted religious discourse.

The other issue is the changing of the Islamic pledge of allegiance (Bay’ah) to obey the Quran and the Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) from a pledge out of one’s free will to a pledge under coercion and thus denying the social contract. In this country (Saudi Arabia), our culture is still a desert culture, and there’s still the belief that the sword is the way to solve problems. The main hurdle in the Saudi regime is that it’s a despotic system, under which it’s impossible to have independence of the judiciary. Despotic rule, absolute monarchy, cannot have an independent judiciary.

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