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The Saudi Religious Establishment and the First Church in Arabia



[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: Have you heard of the first church being built in Saudi Arabia? Yes, we’ve heard that even before it was built that it was going to be built. As long as the official (Saudi) religious establishment is prepared to turn the Holy Mosque of Mecca into a church in order to please MBS, MBS has no problem with that. MBS doesn’t understand that in the long run, these issues will anger the people.

As long as the non-official religious establishment is in prison, why would MBS worry? Neither would Aal Al-Sheikh be opposed to it, nor Al-Lihaydan, nor Al-Fawzan, nor Al-Mutlaq, nor others would be opposed to it. On the contrary, they will find countless excuses for him for building these churches and so on. So, it’s no wonder why these are being built. In fact, he will promote such things. Hasn’t he brought in artists and dancers close to Madinah and in Madain Saleh in an open affront to the people? So, you should not be surprised by anything that MBS does in the future.

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