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Has MBS Exposed the True Nature of the People of Arabia? – Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh



[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: MBS has exposed the true nature of the Al-Saud family. Can we say that he has also exposed the true nature of the people of Arabia? Not necessarily. Like all the peoples of the earth, there are those that are the hard-workers, the fighters, the defenders, the strivers who can be right or wrong, the passive ones, the weak ones and the defeatists, and the sinners and the hypocrites, and the collaborators — the collaborators with the regime and with the enemies of Islam. So, you can’t make a generalized statement about the whole nation.


There are many among the people who are fighters who fought in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Syria, Iraq. There are also those that are peaceful activists, who were imprisoned by the tens of thousands. There are also great scholars who could be counted among the ‘renewers of the faith’, such as Sheikh Al-Alwan and Sheikh Al-Turayfee and others. There are many that were imprisoned. There are those that held on to Islam with steadfastness “like one holding on to burning ember” inside the country. Also, there are others that are ordinary people. You can’t say that they’ve exposed the true nature of the nation.


However, you could say that overall and in general — not all of them, it has become apparent that the people have shown themselves incapable of rising up or showing concern and self-respect with regards to their rights and honor being violated, or show concern and care for Islam, or show indignation towards this tyranny. Yes, this much is true, at least in the current phase. It’s a shame, and it’s unbecoming of the people of Arabia, and it’s unbecoming that in the Lands of the Two Holy Mosques, for them to stay complacent towards this provocation, defiance and humiliation on the part of MBS.


Like I said in the tweets, it’s as if he’s saying, “I’ve come to humiliate you, and I spit on you, and all of you are beneath my feet, and whoever can stand up to me, let them try. You have no way out except if you all rise up against me, and I challenge you to do so.” So, yes, in that sense, it’s true. Unfortunately, in this current phase — and hopefully in the next phase this will change. In the current phase, there is a lack of righteous indignation for the sake of Islam, honor and dignity. All of this is lacking, currently, at least.

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