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Iran and Israel: Secret Allies or Real Enemies? – Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih]: Are Iran and Israel truly enemies? This conspiracy theory that Israel and Iran and the US are all in agreement with each other, and that Russia and the US are in agreement, and that China is part of that game, and that the whole world is a stage, I ask of you to please let go of that idea. These powers are in a real struggle against each other. However, most of them take into consideration the international forces at play, unlike some of the jihadi movements that don’t believe in taking into consideration the international forces at play. They believe in taking into consideration the international forces at play, and they believe in pragmatism, and so, they prioritize their interests over their principles in many cases.

Moreover, the Iranians’ ideology allows for a wide margin of pragmatism. When you engage in pragmatism and realism in Shiism, you haven’t committed a sin. You have much room for pragmatism, especially in politics. So, Iran’s tactic of making compromises has been used to take advantage of the occupation of Iraq (by the US) in order to seize control of Iraq. Iran also exploited the Syrian revolution such that it became the defining force in the Syrian revolution, against the Sunnis in Syria. It has also used Hezbollah against Israel. All of these are facts. You should not expect Iran to have the same ideology as you, Sunnis, in that you consider the room for pragmatism to be limited. So, based on that observation, you consider Iran to be an ally of Israel, and that it’s working together with Israel against us.

No, they are real enemies, but they – Israel, Iran and the US – they have a level of pragmatism that allows them to give precedence to some of their interests. At a particular stage, it was in Israel’s interests for Iran to help the Syrian regime to suppress the revolution, because the alternative was a Sunni jihad that would end Israel. So, let Iran come in. Then, when Iran gained the upper hand, it was necessary to keep it in check through Israeli airstrikes. Anyway, time will prove soon, within months, years, or more or less, time will prove that they are in fact not allies, and that they are enemies, but they do their best to avoid entering into a mutual conflict.

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