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Is It Possible for a Scholar to Make Predictions? – Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] A sensitive question, but the answer is known. It says, “Is an erudite scholar, a scholar that masters Islamic legislation, history, can he predict the future through the lens of cosmic laws?” The answer is yes and no. Yes, in that he can give general outlines. He can tell that such state will collapse. Such injustice will be removed. Punishment will befall such nation. Such project will be successful. Such project will not be successful. This is yes. As for no, he won’t be able to pinpoint exactly by pinpointing the day, this is witchcraft and soothsaying. On a particular day, it will collapse, except in the case of the interpretation of dreams, as dreams are a part of divine revelation. But, as a science and analysis, yes, he can examine in a general fashion, in a clear fashion, with God’s assistance, saying that such regime will fall, he can say that it won’t last for a number of years, or months, but he can’t say that it will fall on a particular day. This is witchcraft. This is soothsaying. He can say that this nation will be afflicted by punishment, and he could turn out to be 100% right.

Like Ibn Taymiyyah said, “By Allah, you will be victorious.” They said, “Say, “By Allah’s will.” “ He replied, “I’m saying this as a matter of fact, not hope.” They were certain of victory, because they made use of the means of victory. So, yes, he can, in general. However, he can’t pinpoint the day, or the means or method, because that would be soothsaying and not a science. Another very sensitive question, and talking about it is a delicate issue, which is, “Is Fate– the term Fate that people use, and the predestination by Allah’s will, is it related to the issue of Allah’s laws?” Of course, it’s very much related to that, because Allah– ((Surely We have created everything according to a measure.)) These are the laws, but there is a difference between Fate and what Allah has predestined for his creation, the final predestination, Allah’s predestination for his creation occurs in two phases. The first phase is the phase of Fate (Qadar) in that if you do such thing, you will get such result, whether you are an individual, a group or a state. If you do such thing, you get such result. If you make use of means, this will produce results. This is the first phase.

The second phase is the final predestination which is written in the Preserved Tablet (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfoodh), that Allah can, through miracles, or exceptions, change some of this Fate, for certain reasons, such as miracles by prophets and saints, and by prayers. The Prophet says, “Allah erases or writes down whichever he wishes, and with him belongs the Mother of the Book (Umm-ul-Kitab). That’s the meaning. It means that according to Fate (Qadar) and Allah’s laws, such as if you were driving a particular car and it was supposed to roll over, but Allah protected you, although under all circumstances you should have rolled over, but He protected you by your prayers, by your recitation of invocations, by the prayers of your parents, etc, and you did not roll over, or it rolled over but you were unharmed. According to the circumstances and direct cosmic facts, it was supposed to roll over, and you were supposed to die and be torn to pieces.

However, Allah protected you by prayers, by a good deed that you did, He protected you by an act of charity that you did, etc. Same thing with an illness that you afflicted you. You were supposed to die from this illness. But, you resorted to Ruqya (healing supplications) or you prayed, etc, and so, Allah blessed a particular treatment while He did not bless the other treatments. This is what is meant by ((Allah makes to pass away and establishes what He pleases, and with Him is the Mother of the Book.)) Perhaps, this is also what is meant by the Prophet’s saying “Revealed and unrevealed prayers are beneficial and an affliction that comes down is intercepted by prayers and they wrestle each other until the Day of Judgment.” So, prayers can overcome Fate. They can’t overcome that which is written in the Preserved Tablet, because what is written in the Preserved Tablet is the end result, and not the laws of Fate. In the final predestination of Preserved Tablet, it was written that you would be cured of this illness.

However, based on the cosmic laws that apply to all people, that illness was lethal. But, by your prayers, supplications, charity, and kindness, Allah saved you from this Fate, or averted from you the harm of some oppressor, protected you from an accident, etc. This is what is meant by the connection between the cosmic laws, the unchanging cosmic rules, which are laws, and between the exceptions due to miracles by prophets or saints, or prayers, or the like.

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