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Mohammed Bin Salman is terrified of Erdogan – Dr. Saad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Saad Al-Faqih:] A lot of people have commented on Turkey’s statements about Khashoggi, but the beautiful thing about this, which I would like to add is that when Erdogan stated that the Crown Prince (of Saudi Arabia) and the Foreign Minister and the Saudi officials are all lying, and that they never told anything true at all, and that all their statements are lies, this is a provocation. True, it has not reached the level of incriminating Mohammed Bin Salman, but just this statement is a provocation towards MBS, and not a mild provocation. It’s a major provocation.

The question is, and I’ve been asked about this many times, why hasn’t MBS responded to this? Just a single tweet from Canada’s foreign minister and MBS severed diplomatic ties, and did this and that, and yelled, and pretty soon, he would have launched missiles at Canada. But then, this is Turkey humiliating MBS so many times, and repeated it over and over, to the point that now Erdogan himself is saying that MBS is a liar. Why? How can we explain that MBS did not respond similarly? On the contrary, MBS said that as long as king Salman is present, and president Erdogan is present, the two countries will continue to enjoy excellent relations.

The reason is that he is afraid of the worse. In my opinion, and Allah knows best, he is afraid of the worse. He’s afraid that the Turks might go to the extent of releasing damning and irrefutable evidence that MBS is responsible (for killing Khashoggi). Otherwise, why this cowardliness? Why this fear that has gripped him, turning him silent without any response at all? Compared to his responses to Qatar, Canada, and even Germany, to which he responded in a strong way, as well as Spain, which he threatened severely. Whereas, when it came to Turkey, he did not give any response at all. Yes, the press is criticizing, and some on Twitter who are deemed to be fronting for him are also criticizing, but no measures have been taken, not economic, nor political, nor the state media.

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