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Mohammed Bin Salman’s Reappearance in the Media, What to Make of It? – Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] A question that is in connection with last week’s, which is, what happened to Mohammed Bin Salman before he made his appearance in the media? Of course, there are those that are still questioning this, and that he didn’t make any appearance. I am confirming what I said previously, which is that he is alive, and he was and is running the country, etc, during the period of his disappearance (from the media). He was present, and he was managing the country’s affairs. He has not been absent from running the country, and he met up with personalities, and he was in contact with people and making decisions during the period of his absence from the media.

Did he really appear in the media, or not? Are these photoshopped images of him or not? Or, are these old video footage? Allah knows best. It seems that.. regardless, the man is alive and present, and he is personally running the country’s affairs and pursuing his activities, and he is responsible for all the decisions being made, including the decision regarding Nawaf Al-Rasheed. He is responsible for that, and he is the one that personally arranged with the Kuwaitis, with Sheikh Sabah, his extradition from Kuwait. Was he shot or not? We don’t have any information that disproves or confirms this. It could be that he was shot and has recovered, or at least he’s in a condition that allows him to make media appearances, or he did not get shot. Allah knows best.

But, the events that happened in Khuzama are true. There were shots, and heavy gunfire, and people were shot. Was he among those that were shot? We don’t know. If he was shot, it appears that he has recovered. Or, maybe he suffered minor injuries, or he was not injured. Allah knows best. This is regarding Mohammed Bin Salman. The point of the matter is that he is alive, and during all this time he was pursuing his activities.

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