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Saudi Arabia’s Recent Executions a War Provocation Towards Iran – Dr. Saad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Saad Al-Faqih]: The execution of the 37 people raises questions. Why all of these at once? Why 12 from the Shiite sect– sorry, 32 from the Shiite sect and the rest, only a few, from the Sunnis? Why now? And also, why these people, since they were not supposed to be executed, but then a decision was made to execute them? What’s new about the situation which ended up with them being executed according to the supposed court sentences? There must be an explanation for all of this. The explanation is that their executions had nothing to do with court decisions. There is nothing that warranted these death sentences, whether under Islamic law, or or man-made laws, or even according to the standards of the Al-Sauds, i.e., whether it be in line with security considerations, or authoritarian considerations, or whichever considerations.

The lives of these people, regardless of their sectarian affiliation, were used as a tool to implement an agenda for the region. The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia want to provoke Iran in the hope that it would react, which would then be used as a pretext for a US strike on Iran. Iran is being provoked these days by the oil sanctions, as well as with other actions being taken against it, and now these executions are a provocation to Iran. The 5 Sunnis that were executed are also a cover, since there was no intention for them to be executed. They were just used as a cover so that people can’t claim that this is a sectarian-motivated crime, and that the Shiites were targeted with these executions. This is the explanation. Some are saying that this is an attempt by (prince) Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) to restore his image, etc. No, this issue has to do with the agenda that is being set up against Iran. By the way, what I’m saying is not something that I alone has said. The international think tanks and intelligence agencies, and in fact, entire countries in Europe are convinced that Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US are really plotting an attack on Iran, and they are very concerned by this situation.

Does this mean that MBS has weathered the Khashoggi case? No, this is a separate issue. Whether the Khashoggi case would have occurred or not, MBS wants to go along with Trump’s confrontation against Iran, and to start a war with Iran. Another question here says, as a follow-up to this one, does MBS benefit from a strike on Iran? Yes, he (MBS) believes so. He believes he will come out of this as a national hero and a major regional power, if he is successful, together with Israel and the US, in destroying Iran. Of course, this is what he thinks, and he’s wrong, of course, but Allah knows best, because this will cause a lot of problems for the region, and for Saudi Arabia and Iran, and these current regimes will collapse if such a war were to take place. He thinks that Saudi Arabia will emerge as a regional power, and he as a great regional leader, as someone who was able to destroy Iran, and that this will pave the way for Trump and Netanyahu’s so-called ‘Deal of the Century’. In any case, we will see what happens afterwards.