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Saudi Crown Prince MBS After His G20 Fiasco


[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: What’s new about MBS? MBS left Algeria and then disappeared. Then, he re-appeared during the Gulf Cooperation Council meeting. Why did he disappear? Why would an important figure, who’s considered the top official in the country He is de facto the top official in the country, and even the king is insignificant. Why would he disappear? How can you disappear? You’re the ruler, and you disappear? After you’ve returned back to the country, why didn’t you show people that you’ve returned back? This behavior shows that — regardless, he could have been to Israel, he could have been to the UAE, or anywhere else.

Regardless of where he was, the mere fact of him disappearing from public view shows that this person is not a stateman. He’s not a statesman, neither in the sense of democratic rule and freedom, nor in the sense of despotic and repressive rule. He’s not a statesman. A statesman behaves responsibly, even if only in appearance and in public view. He goes off and disappears, and then suddenly he appears at the GCC meeting. That’s point no.1 Point no.2, is there any new development regarding his situation? I’ve said multiple times, If there isn’t any new development coming out of Turkey, it will come out of the US Congress. The Congress is now putting him under scrutiny, and issued the first statement, which is non-binding. Other statements will come forth that will be binding, when the Congress convenes with the new Democratic majority. Undoubtedly, it will issue decisions that will be binding on the US government.

Add to that, the fact that Trump himself is in trouble due to the Mueller investigation. So, how will he be able to protect MBS? The Mueller investigation includes details that incriminate MBS and MBZ. It’s been found that MBZ and MBS and Russia are implicated in the case of bribery in the Mueller investigation. Also, it’s been found that the relationship between MBS and Kushner is one that violates the rules for White House employees. Those working in the White House are expected to abide by certain rules and protocols. They’re not allowed to violate those. If they contact an official from another country, they have to inform certain authorities. Kushner has a very close relationship with MBS, which the US press has talked about. This situation could lead to an investigation by Congress.

So, MBS is not going to go down alone. He could also prompt the downfall of Trump. Of course, Trump is not going to go down because of MBS alone. But, he’s already in a weak position, due to the Mueller investigation, and so, the MBS connection could further weaken him and eventually cause him to fall. We ask Allah that the fall of MBS becomesa great blessing for this Muslim community, and the region as a whole. MBS has done us a favor which we were awaiting, which is the annihilation and humiliation of the ruling family, and removing the halo surrounding it, which has happened. This is why, even if MBS were to go away, the ruling family won’t be able to restore its standing and prestige. That’s no.1. Secondly, he exposed these repressive regimes, he and the UAE and Egypt and others. and these regimes are associated with him. The UAE cannot be of any significance unless MBS stays in power. Sisi cannot even live except with the support of MBS. Israel cannot survive – as Trump said – except with the Saudi government’s support, and currently, the Saudi government is linked with MBS. So, the end of MBS, and then the end of the Saudi regime in its current form, will, Allah-willing, signal a sea change in the region.

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