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Leaked MBS Statement Shows He Hates Islam Itself, Not Extremists


[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: One of the CIA officers, who’s now a US congressman, stated that he met with MBS about one and a half year ago, and had a personal meeting with him, and he said something of critical importance, – MBS himself said that – he said that the problem does not lie with the extremists, nor with the jihadi groups, but rather with Islam itself. So, the Western governments should work together with us so that we can reform Islam itself. MBS made such a statement to that person, which is something he has not said to anyone else, which is that he finds Islam itself to be problematic.

So, MBS has dedicated his life to change Islam, God-forbid, in order to strip Muslims of their religion, and to undermine their confidence in their faith, and their adherence to this way of life. This individual is not in his right mind. He’s a megalomaniac, and he thinks he can achieve something which those before him could not do.

No one has ever contemplated changing Islam. You can corrupt people’s morals, or repress them, or imprison them, or kill the scholars, or banish them. However, it’s not realistic to change Islam itself. It’s not doable, regardless of how hard you try to change Islam itself. In the past 1400 years, others before you have tried, even during the early days of Islam, and they failed.

This reported statement proves two things. Firstly, that MBS is a criminal that harbors hostility towards Islam itself, and not the claims of extremism and fundamentalism. He has indeed taken it upon himself to carry this out, as a life mission and project and a cause that he advocates. The second thing that this proves is that MBS is a foolish person. He thinks that he can achieve something unrealistic and unachievable.

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