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Silence of the Sheikhs (Al-Fawzan and the Like): Fear or Treason?


[Dr. Saad Al-Faqih]: Is the silence of scholars like Sheikh Salih Al-Fawzan out of fear for themselves, or is it because they want to prevent the repercussions that could result from them speaking out? It’s neither this one or that one. Their silence– it’s not even silence. By the way, the question is wrong. It’s not that they remain silent, but they speak falsehood. That man defends an enemy of Islam. He defends a traitor. He defends a liar. He defends a hypocrite. He defends someone who throws reformers in prison, and someone who commits every evil act, oppression and tyranny, which are forbidden in Islam.

The fact that he defends him in such a manner, and he insults and abuses and wages war against those that oppose him, that’s not silence. The problem is that, if he remained silent, we could put up with him. But, it’s not silence. The problem with the pro-regime sheikhs is that they’ve gone beyond just the silence which would have made them deserving of Allah’s curse, to praising and defending the ruler, and insulting and abusing, and deeming critics to be traitors, and discrediting and criminalizing them. Can all this be justified under the pretense that they fear for themselves? Not at all. These types volunteer to defend the oppressor, and compete with each other in doing so.

This is treason. It’s neither out of fear for this or that. If they were to stand in a free environment– they won’t agree to a debate. If a scholar were to engage in a debate with them in a free environment, he would defeat them in two minutes. This cannot be justified with fear or the repercussions that their speaking out could cause.

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