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Mahathir Win in Malaysia Massive Blow to Saudi Arabia, Emirates


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] A quick note on what happened in Malaysia, maybe people don’t know. Elections were held in Malaysia, and the ruling party led by Najib Abdul Razak stayed in power for a long time, and it became swamped in corruption, and became entangled in corruption together with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and took massive amounts of money. He didn’t just take money from them, but he also learned how to engage in corruption from them. He set up a sovereign fund, and funds disappeared from that sovereign fund, just like Mohammed Bin Salman, but on a smaller scale. That one siphoned off a trillion, whereas this one siphoned off 12 billion.

So, elections were held, and the opposition won a landslide victory, led by Mahathir. Mahathir had decided to retire from politics, but after seeing the corruption, he decided to make a comeback to politics in order to save the country from the corruption of Najib Abdul Razak, because the personalities of the candidates running against Najib Abdul Razak were weak. So, he volunteered to lead the opposition, a coalition, in order to unseat Najib Abdul Razak and save Malaysia.

A thank you to him for taking this stand. Another thank you to him for exposing that man, and by extension Saudi Arabia and the UAE as well. Because, now he is banned from leaving the country, and he has immediately been put under investigation. So, many documents will come to light. This is the second blow, the second slap in the face in less than 2 weeks, after the elections in Lebanon, in which Saad Al-Hariri and his party lost, despite all the billions that the BinSauds spent throughout the past decades. Saudi Arabia spent approximately—compared to Iran, 30 times the amount spent by Iran in Lebanon.

And, look at the result. Look at the result achieved by Iran, and look at the result achieved by Saudi Arabia. Not just regarding the elections. The military presence, the security presence, the intelligence presence, the organizational presence, the social impact, the alliance within.. which then were crowned with the results of the elections. 30 times or more, or maybe 50 times what Iran spent in.. In fact, much of what Saudi Arabia spent ended up in the pockets of Hezbollah. Much of the financing of the Lebanese military has ended up under the control of Hezbollah. Just like the money spent by Saudi Arabia in Iraq, the billions given to Iraq ended up benefiting Iran. The billions that it spent in Syria ended up benefiting Iran.

Why? Because its vision is not a vision that takes into account the interests of the country, or the interests of Islam, or the interests of the Muslim Community, or the interests of the nation. Its vision is geared towards ensuring the interests of the ruler, and hence it revolves around issues that are not in the interests of the Muslim Community, Islam or the country.