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Rebuilding Syria – Window-Dressing for War on Iran? – Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh


[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: The rebuilding of Syria is a secondary topic, but important when considered from the overall context. Why is the issue of rebuilding Syria being raised? Why is Trump asking MBS to rebuild Syria? I’ve been asked this question many times, and I’ve replied that there is no such thing as ‘rebuilding Syria’. Syria is in ruins, and currently it’s impossible, security-wise, to spend a single Riyal on reconstruction. You couldn’t even send in a truck to build a single house, let alone to rebuild Syria. Also, the rebuilding of Syria would cost 1/2 trillion USD. MBS’s money has been spent on many other things. So, the rebuilding of Syria is out of the question. The whole issue is that this proves that MBS is on board with the US troops withdrawal. That’s all. This goes against the thinking that the presence of US troops is a Saudi-American-Israeli project.

Now, Netanyahu and MBS are backing the US withdrawal. Doesn’t that raise our suspicion? Trump and Netanyahu and MBS are in all in agreement over the US troops withdrawal. What’s behind this thinking? This is against logic, and against what is expected. Israel wants the US to be in Syria in order to keep Iran in check, and to some extent, to keep Turkey in check, and to keep the jihadi groups in check as well. Similarly, Saudi Arabia wants the US to stay in order to keep Iran and the jihadi groups in check, and to keep Turkey in check as well, because the Saudis are more antagonistic towards Turkey than Israel and the US. Since this goes against logic, there must be another explanation. We have to come to the conclusion that the Saudi government has no reservations regarding the US withdrawal.

I can’t accept this explanation except if there is a secret agreement between Netanyahu and MBS on a strike on Iran, most likely, to save Trump and MBS. To save Trump from the Mueller investigation, and to save MBS from the Khashoggi case. The whole region would be engulfed in a major war against Iran, and the issue of Khashoggi and all minor issues would be forgotten, and the focus would be deflected towards Iran. The Mueller investigation would have to be closed, as would the Khashoggi case, and to hell with the rest. Could this be a plausible explanation? Allah knows best. But, whoever has another explanation, they’re welcome. Why are Saudi Arabia, i.e. MBS, and Netanyahu supporting Trump on the troops withdrawal, even though one would expect the opposite? The Israeli national interests dictate that the US stay. The interests of MBS are for the US to stay.

So, why are they backing Trump’s decision, even though the military leaders, the leaders in Congress, and the think tanks in the US State Department and the US Defense Department are all against the withdrawal? Similarly, the intellectuals in the state of Israel and many of those that were with MBS are in favor of the US staying in order to fight the jihadi groups, and to hold Turkey and Iran back. So, what’s the explanation? The explanation must be different from what we’re thinking. I think that it’s the war against Iran, but there might be another explanation.