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Arrest of Prominent Saudi Scholar Safar Al-Hawali – Sultan Al-Abdali


[Sultan Al-Abdali]: And the Sheikh’s (Safar Al-Hawali) brother was arrested— Sheikh Sa’ad Allah Al-Hawali also, the Sheikh’s brother.

[Host]: Okay, why? This is an important question. Perhaps, the Sheikh’s arrest is understandable given his positions, and because of this book that he wrote. But, why have his four sons been arrested, and his brother as well?

[Al-Abdali]: Yes, his four sons have been arrested, and.. they (the Saudi government) are now acting like someone who has lost their sanity, and they’ve gone mad because of this voluminous book that has been released in the public, and it’s done now. And, the book contains very strong messages. Sheikh Safar, since the Gulf Crisis, like Dr. M. Al-Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti said, he was the first to have breached the wall of awareness in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques (Saudi Arabia) during that time period. Similarly, Dr. Sa’ad Al-Fageeh described it beautifully, saying that during that time when he (Safar Hawali) made those public statements, we said that (he did such a great thing that) this act alone will make up for anything he might ever do afterwards. He (Safar Hawali) said something during a time when there was no internet, no satellite TV, nothing, and he made that statement.

Why are these people being arrested? Because these are the closest of his sons around him. As we know, Sheikh Safar suffered a stroke in 2005-6, and then, a year ago, he underwent a kidney transplant, because of kidney failure. Then, a few months ago, he left the hospital, and suffered a hip fracture. So, with all of these complications, he has speech difficulties, but he took to writing. This book, which contains 3059 pages, the Sheikh wrote it from memory, without using references, all of it from memory. It took the Sheikh less than a year to write it, and they’re scared and terrified by.. In this book, the Sheikh issued them a warning, saying, “I can do nothing but tell the truth, which it behooves me to do, and which only frightens shabby and shaky thrones.” Of course, this kind of drive and determination that Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali possesses, as do other scholars, preachers and intellectuals, and even women. What I mean to say is that this regime..