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Leaked MBS Statement Shows He Hates Islam Itself, Not Extremists


[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: One of the CIA officers, who’s now a US congressman, stated that he met with MBS about one and a half year ago, and had a personal meeting with him, and he said something of critical importance, – MBS himself said that – he said that the problem does not lie with the extremists, nor with the jihadi groups, but rather with Islam itself. So, the Western governments should work together with us so that we can reform Islam itself. MBS made such a statement to that person, which is something he has not said to anyone else, which is that he finds Islam itself to be problematic.

So, MBS has dedicated his life to change Islam, God-forbid, in order to strip Muslims of their religion, and to undermine their confidence in their faith, and their adherence to this way of life. This individual is not in his right mind. He’s a megalomaniac, and he thinks he can achieve something which those before him could not do.

No one has ever contemplated changing Islam. You can corrupt people’s morals, or repress them, or imprison them, or kill the scholars, or banish them. However, it’s not realistic to change Islam itself. It’s not doable, regardless of how hard you try to change Islam itself. In the past 1400 years, others before you have tried, even during the early days of Islam, and they failed.

This reported statement proves two things. Firstly, that MBS is a criminal that harbors hostility towards Islam itself, and not the claims of extremism and fundamentalism. He has indeed taken it upon himself to carry this out, as a life mission and project and a cause that he advocates. The second thing that this proves is that MBS is a foolish person. He thinks that he can achieve something unrealistic and unachievable.

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Rebuilding Syria – Window-Dressing for War on Iran? – Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh


[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: The rebuilding of Syria is a secondary topic, but important when considered from the overall context. Why is the issue of rebuilding Syria being raised? Why is Trump asking MBS to rebuild Syria? I’ve been asked this question many times, and I’ve replied that there is no such thing as ‘rebuilding Syria’. Syria is in ruins, and currently it’s impossible, security-wise, to spend a single Riyal on reconstruction. You couldn’t even send in a truck to build a single house, let alone to rebuild Syria. Also, the rebuilding of Syria would cost 1/2 trillion USD. MBS’s money has been spent on many other things. So, the rebuilding of Syria is out of the question. The whole issue is that this proves that MBS is on board with the US troops withdrawal. That’s all. This goes against the thinking that the presence of US troops is a Saudi-American-Israeli project.

Now, Netanyahu and MBS are backing the US withdrawal. Doesn’t that raise our suspicion? Trump and Netanyahu and MBS are in all in agreement over the US troops withdrawal. What’s behind this thinking? This is against logic, and against what is expected. Israel wants the US to be in Syria in order to keep Iran in check, and to some extent, to keep Turkey in check, and to keep the jihadi groups in check as well. Similarly, Saudi Arabia wants the US to stay in order to keep Iran and the jihadi groups in check, and to keep Turkey in check as well, because the Saudis are more antagonistic towards Turkey than Israel and the US. Since this goes against logic, there must be another explanation. We have to come to the conclusion that the Saudi government has no reservations regarding the US withdrawal.

I can’t accept this explanation except if there is a secret agreement between Netanyahu and MBS on a strike on Iran, most likely, to save Trump and MBS. To save Trump from the Mueller investigation, and to save MBS from the Khashoggi case. The whole region would be engulfed in a major war against Iran, and the issue of Khashoggi and all minor issues would be forgotten, and the focus would be deflected towards Iran. The Mueller investigation would have to be closed, as would the Khashoggi case, and to hell with the rest. Could this be a plausible explanation? Allah knows best. But, whoever has another explanation, they’re welcome. Why are Saudi Arabia, i.e. MBS, and Netanyahu supporting Trump on the troops withdrawal, even though one would expect the opposite? The Israeli national interests dictate that the US stay. The interests of MBS are for the US to stay.

So, why are they backing Trump’s decision, even though the military leaders, the leaders in Congress, and the think tanks in the US State Department and the US Defense Department are all against the withdrawal? Similarly, the intellectuals in the state of Israel and many of those that were with MBS are in favor of the US staying in order to fight the jihadi groups, and to hold Turkey and Iran back. So, what’s the explanation? The explanation must be different from what we’re thinking. I think that it’s the war against Iran, but there might be another explanation.

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Saudi Crown Prince MBS After His G20 Fiasco


[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: What’s new about MBS? MBS left Algeria and then disappeared. Then, he re-appeared during the Gulf Cooperation Council meeting. Why did he disappear? Why would an important figure, who’s considered the top official in the country He is de facto the top official in the country, and even the king is insignificant. Why would he disappear? How can you disappear? You’re the ruler, and you disappear? After you’ve returned back to the country, why didn’t you show people that you’ve returned back? This behavior shows that — regardless, he could have been to Israel, he could have been to the UAE, or anywhere else.

Regardless of where he was, the mere fact of him disappearing from public view shows that this person is not a stateman. He’s not a statesman, neither in the sense of democratic rule and freedom, nor in the sense of despotic and repressive rule. He’s not a statesman. A statesman behaves responsibly, even if only in appearance and in public view. He goes off and disappears, and then suddenly he appears at the GCC meeting. That’s point no.1 Point no.2, is there any new development regarding his situation? I’ve said multiple times, If there isn’t any new development coming out of Turkey, it will come out of the US Congress. The Congress is now putting him under scrutiny, and issued the first statement, which is non-binding. Other statements will come forth that will be binding, when the Congress convenes with the new Democratic majority. Undoubtedly, it will issue decisions that will be binding on the US government.

Add to that, the fact that Trump himself is in trouble due to the Mueller investigation. So, how will he be able to protect MBS? The Mueller investigation includes details that incriminate MBS and MBZ. It’s been found that MBZ and MBS and Russia are implicated in the case of bribery in the Mueller investigation. Also, it’s been found that the relationship between MBS and Kushner is one that violates the rules for White House employees. Those working in the White House are expected to abide by certain rules and protocols. They’re not allowed to violate those. If they contact an official from another country, they have to inform certain authorities. Kushner has a very close relationship with MBS, which the US press has talked about. This situation could lead to an investigation by Congress.

So, MBS is not going to go down alone. He could also prompt the downfall of Trump. Of course, Trump is not going to go down because of MBS alone. But, he’s already in a weak position, due to the Mueller investigation, and so, the MBS connection could further weaken him and eventually cause him to fall. We ask Allah that the fall of MBS becomesa great blessing for this Muslim community, and the region as a whole. MBS has done us a favor which we were awaiting, which is the annihilation and humiliation of the ruling family, and removing the halo surrounding it, which has happened. This is why, even if MBS were to go away, the ruling family won’t be able to restore its standing and prestige. That’s no.1. Secondly, he exposed these repressive regimes, he and the UAE and Egypt and others. and these regimes are associated with him. The UAE cannot be of any significance unless MBS stays in power. Sisi cannot even live except with the support of MBS. Israel cannot survive – as Trump said – except with the Saudi government’s support, and currently, the Saudi government is linked with MBS. So, the end of MBS, and then the end of the Saudi regime in its current form, will, Allah-willing, signal a sea change in the region.

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Arrest of Prominent Saudi Scholar Safar Al-Hawali – Sultan Al-Abdali


[Sultan Al-Abdali]: And the Sheikh’s (Safar Al-Hawali) brother was arrested— Sheikh Sa’ad Allah Al-Hawali also, the Sheikh’s brother.

[Host]: Okay, why? This is an important question. Perhaps, the Sheikh’s arrest is understandable given his positions, and because of this book that he wrote. But, why have his four sons been arrested, and his brother as well?

[Al-Abdali]: Yes, his four sons have been arrested, and.. they (the Saudi government) are now acting like someone who has lost their sanity, and they’ve gone mad because of this voluminous book that has been released in the public, and it’s done now. And, the book contains very strong messages. Sheikh Safar, since the Gulf Crisis, like Dr. M. Al-Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti said, he was the first to have breached the wall of awareness in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques (Saudi Arabia) during that time period. Similarly, Dr. Sa’ad Al-Fageeh described it beautifully, saying that during that time when he (Safar Hawali) made those public statements, we said that (he did such a great thing that) this act alone will make up for anything he might ever do afterwards. He (Safar Hawali) said something during a time when there was no internet, no satellite TV, nothing, and he made that statement.

Why are these people being arrested? Because these are the closest of his sons around him. As we know, Sheikh Safar suffered a stroke in 2005-6, and then, a year ago, he underwent a kidney transplant, because of kidney failure. Then, a few months ago, he left the hospital, and suffered a hip fracture. So, with all of these complications, he has speech difficulties, but he took to writing. This book, which contains 3059 pages, the Sheikh wrote it from memory, without using references, all of it from memory. It took the Sheikh less than a year to write it, and they’re scared and terrified by.. In this book, the Sheikh issued them a warning, saying, “I can do nothing but tell the truth, which it behooves me to do, and which only frightens shabby and shaky thrones.” Of course, this kind of drive and determination that Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali possesses, as do other scholars, preachers and intellectuals, and even women. What I mean to say is that this regime..

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(FULL SESSION) Tough Questions on the Issue of Cosmic Laws – by Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you. Praise Allah, Blessings and Peace be upon his Messenger. Welcome tonight, brothers.

We’re continuing with the series on Allah’s laws governing societies. This topic is worth spending time on, because it’s enlightening for us regarding many of the issues that we deal with individually and socially. On the level of society, the nation, on the global level as a whole. It explains history to us, and it explains many of the phenomena that are obscure to us. This is why it’s beneficial to talk about this, from several aspects. Tonight, we will answer a number of questions which we can say are disturbing and embarrassing on this topic. Because, those who read about Allah’s laws in society will notice certain issues that need to be clarified.

These questions come up constantly. People repeat them frequently. Some are repeated by most people, while others are repeated by people interested in this topic. Answering them is beneficial, and will complete one’s understanding of this issue, I.e., understanding Allah’s laws governing societies. I want to remind you that what is meant by Allah’s laws governing societies is these laws, these rules that govern societies, individuals like the laws of physics, chemistry, gravity, etc. Whoever does such thing, produces a particular result. Whoever avoids such thing, ends up with a particular result.

Well, a question, the first question, why aren’t the unbelievers afflicted by the calamities that affect us, such as death and expulsion, even though they have corruption, perversions, and they are unbelievers, after all, Allah has given them warnings of punishment because of their disbelief? Why don’t the unbelievers in Europe, America, China, Russia, Japan, suffer the calamities that we suffer, in terms of death and expulsion, even though they have corruption, perversions, disbelief, and impiety? Firstly, people throw this question around with short-sightedness as they only know the years that they’ve lived. They only know what they see on TV. They don’t read history, and they don’t know the nature of nations. Continue reading (FULL SESSION) Tough Questions on the Issue of Cosmic Laws – by Sa’ad Al-Faqih