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The Mahdi, Cosmic Laws and the Establishment of Justice – Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] A question says that if victory is predicated on jihad, how can the Mahdi be a sudden cause for victory? Also, how can the earth be engulfed in injustice and tyranny, and then the Mahdi is sent down and as if by magic he will change everything? This question is pertinent because there is a culture both within the Sunnis and the Shiites — of course, within Shiism, it takes on exaggerated proportions – but this is found even within Sunnism, which is that the solution is to await the Mahdi’s arrival, and let corruption spread while we await the Mahdi. This is a misunderstanding of some of the texts. Whereas within Shiism, this used to be the established belief, and not a misunderstanding. This is the established belief among Shiites, which is that we should await the Mahdi until this was changed by Khomeini and he came up with his theory of Wilayat-al-Faqeeh (”Governance of the Jurist”).

Originally, it was forbidden to attempt to establish a state and a political system, because that would delay the appearance of the Mahdi. However, this concept is not an established belief within Sunnism, but there are those among the masses and ignorant people who also hold this belief, which is that the Mahdi is the hope, and they indulge in talking about the hadiths regarding the tribulations of the End-Times, and hanging their hopes on the future, while being helpless awaiting the Mahdi. As if that Mahdi would suddenly turn from being a corrupt to a pious person. They come up with stories that go against Allah’s laws. Admittedly, there are authentic and good narrations about the Mahdi, and there are weak and fabricated as well. All the authentic narrations are in line with Allah’s laws, in that the Mahdi will not suddenly appear and break Allah’s universal laws and rules. Continue reading The Mahdi, Cosmic Laws and the Establishment of Justice – Sa’ad Al-Faqih