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Dr. Al-Massari’s Statement That Infuriated the Wahhabis



[Dr. Mohammed Al-Massari] It’s a chaotic situation that is unbelievable, and they’re a nation that is content with being like sheep, and religious scholars who are ignorant about the fact that the Earth moves in a rotating motion, and who issue fatwas to them about obeying those in authority, and the ‘blessed state through which Allah has made Truth triumphant’, as stated by Ibn Baz. [unintelligible] There is a few intellectuals like Rashid Mubarak, May Allah bless his soul, he spent his whole life giving counsel and guidance, etc, and he once complained to me saying, “When there was a wave of pressures mounting on Saudi Arabia in the ’80s, everyone who wanted would found a newspaper in London, and they would attack Saudi Arabia. So, they would give them 2 or 3 million as hush money. 1, 2 or 3 million. So, in the Supreme Media Council— which Rashid was a member of— of course, now he’s deceased. [unintelligible].

So, a newspaper was founded, and he proposed. (Saudi Prince) Naif was the head of the Supreme Media Council. His death was a few years prior to Rashid’s. It’s said that America assassinated him in Geneva. Allah knows best, anyway. So, Naif proposed that to him, and Rashid said, “My advice is not to take that route at all. This route is nothing but blackmail, and it will become a way through which these people will continually gain money. Let them say whatever they want. What are we afraid of?” This man, Rashid, is supposed to be— or maybe he wanted to embarrass them. Rashid is not a stupid person, but he had a pretty good opinion of the (Saudi) state and its personalities, and he believe that much of what is claimed about them is not true, based on his own personal interactions with them. They would treat him with utmost respect, like I mentioned regarding the Nuclear Council. Continue reading Dr. Al-Massari’s Statement That Infuriated the Wahhabis