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British Role In Establishing First Saudi State – Dr. Mohammed Al-Massari


[Dr. Mohammed Al-Massari] Despite the fact that now there are documents proving that Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Ibn Mohammed Ibn Saud Ibn Muqrin Ibn Morkhan, who is the third Imam, if we consider Mohammed Ibn Saud as the first, he would then be the third Imam. That man was in contact with the British, and the British communicated with him and complained to him-

[Host] Again, at what time was that?

[Dr. Al-Massari] This situation— there are documents available on the internet and the dates can be looked up, but it’s around 1780-90, that was when they were communicating with the British, and the latter complained to him about the Qawasim— these Qawasim were Wahhabi jihadis, jihadis, but they were attacking the British vessels at sea. So, Saud Ibn Mohammed stopped them— Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz, he stopped them— Saud the First, or Saud the Elder, as he’s called. He stopped them from engaging in these activities, but even arrested one of the Qawasim and detained him at his place in Riyadh. So, from early on they had established contacts with the British. Some say that they held the British back from the islamic world. That’s not true. In fact, they were collaborating with the British since the first state, and this fact was not previously known until the emergence of documents recently showing that. Continue reading British Role In Establishing First Saudi State – Dr. Mohammed Al-Massari