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Abuse of Women in Saudi Jails – Reem Sulaiman’s Escape


[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: The (Saudi) journalist that fled to the Netherlands, whose name is Reem Sulaiman, is an important event. Many human rights organizations used to contact us, as well as many news organizations, asking us to point them to someone who can confirm the abuses that have been taking place recently, particularly in regards to abuses against women.

This case now is in the hands of human rights and news organizations. A real-life case, and a recent one, in which imprisonment, torture, humiliation took place, to the point that she said she contemplated suicide. Thanks to Allah that she was able to escape alive. “Perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you” (Quran) Yes, we don’t want anyone to be arrested. However, perhaps this happened so that she would escape with her accounts of what she experienced in prison would be relayed to the human rights organizations in great detail. Also, we’ve started to witness personalities such as journalists and those that went along with the regime, who were expected to be aligned with the regime – These didn’t use to have problems with the regime.

She’s not the first one. Jamal Khashoggi is one of them. He used to be aligned with the regime, and he was compelled to join the opposition. In fact, he became the icon and symbol of opposition to the Al-Sauds and a symbol of the criminality of the Al-Sauds. Let’s pray that Allah will make this phenomenon gain more traction, so that others will be encouraged when they see the case of Reem Sulaiman.