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Has MBS Changed His Ways After the Khashoggi Killing? – Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh



[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: MBS has no intentions of changing his ways after the Khashoggi case. The information currently available indicates that there are even more arrests being made, and more repression, and more of the same way of considering even silence as criminal. More torture in prisons. More sexual harassment. More humiliation and degrading treatment in prison. The stories that are being leaked these days are very alarming.

Outside of prisons, there’s more taxes being imposed. More takeovers of public resources. More stealing from the public coffers. More confiscation of private wealth and property. He (MBS) will take possession of more and more companies owned by billionaires, and now he’s targeting those in the 100s of millions range, and then those in the 10s of millions range, and then the millionaires. More travel bans. More denial of public services. More corruption, westernization, and destruction of this society through a number of ways, Allah forbid. More restrictions on Da’wah (Islamic activities) and religious classes. Now, even the classes for Quran memorization are under pressure. Even the ordinary classes by Sheikhs and scholars who are aligned with the state are being put under pressure and banned. More recklessness and capricious policies in the region. Look at the Saudi media and the ‘electronic trolls’ and what they’re saying online.

Has their rhetoric changed after the Khashoggi case? Not at all. It’s still reckless, corrupt, degenerate and using a vile language, Allah forbid. More rushing into the arms of the Zionists. The stories that are being leaked regarding their reliance on the Zionists and their cosying up to them, in line with MBS’s belief that the Zionists are capable of raising the dead and granting honor to those who are dishonored, are ongoing and increasing. More support for dictators. More support for Sisi and Haftar. In fact, now they’ve returned back to supporting the Syrian ruler.

More waging of wars against islamists and liberation movements. The islamists, whether they be the Muslim Brotherhood or others, are being hunted down everywhere. Anyone whose rhetoric contains some sort of political Islam is considered a criminal and a terrorist and a Muslim Brotherhood member, etc. More than that, they’re going after islamic organizations that are outside Saudi Arabia in Europe and America, and they finance right-wing organizations in Europe and America so that they can go after the islamic organizations. Islamic candidates in European and Western parliaments are being harassed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. More bribery being paid to Trump and Sisi and others. So, what has improved after the Khashoggi case? Nothing at all. On the contrary, there’s more tyranny and more over-the-top humiliation of this Ummah.