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The Best Word to Describe Saudi Arabia – Dr. Saad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Saad Al-Faqih]: How should we characterize the Saudi regime? Unbelieving? Unjust? Degenerate? Just? Righteous? Of course, to characterize it as just and righteous is something no one has done. Even those that defend the regime say that it’s trying to be right, It’s not a just regime, and it’s not based on Shura (consultation). They acknowledge that it’s a monarchical and autocratic regime, but it’s better for us than other systems. Even those defending the regime say this. So, it’s not just nor righteous. Instead, it’s degenerate and unjust. That much is undeniable.

The contention is regarding whether it’s a disbelieving regime. Is it an unislamic regime? There’s no doubt that it’s an unislamic regime, because it has suspended the fundamental pillars of Islam, namely, to govern according to what Allah has revealed, and to ensure that the state’s relations is based on Islam and protecting Islam, and to ensure that the practice of Islam is prevalent. So, if the country is a client state of the US, and its relations are based on pleasing the US and Israel, even before Mohammed Bin Salman, and the king is the one who enacts rules and laws, while disregarding Islamic laws, and only selectively applies Islam in order to subjugate and terrorize people through the application of certain penal codes, while pretending to be implementing Islam, and then he throws scholars he doesn’t like in prison, and brings in hypocritical scholars and puts them in positions of responsibility, this person is playing with Islam. This is not the Islam that should be implemented. So, it lacks islamic legitimacy.

But, should it be characterized as ‘disbelieving’? There is no such thing as a ‘disbelieving regime’. You don’t need to declare specific rulers as disbelievers. You can say that this regime has committed an act of open disbelief, which there is no doubt about. It has committed open disbelief in that it has suspended the implementation of what Allah has revealed (islamic laws), and it has allied itself with the unbelievers and assisted them against Muslims. There is no doubt about this. They have collaborated with the enemies of Islam against Muslims. But, it’s a regime that has committed even worse acts. The regime has waged war against Islam. Inside the country, it has waged war by throwing scholars in prison and implementing a program to spread corruption and immorality, and preventing even the most basic Dawah (preaching) activities. Even Quranic memorization lessons are under assault. It has collaborated with the enemies of Islam and the countries that are waging war against Islam everywhere. More than that, it has waged war against Islam in Sudan, Algeria and Egypt even without the US wanting it to do so. Hence, the Saudi regime is the enemy of Islam. It has not only committed open disbelief, but it wages war against Islam, and this is worse than open disbelief.

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