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The Historical Lie That Saudi Arabia United Najd and Hijaz – Dr. Hakim Al-Mutairi


[Dr. Hakim Al-Mutairi] [..] only to discover that we are in the face of international powers wreaking havoc in the region in an unprecedented fashion in our modern times. Millions are deceived and misguided by this, just like they are deceived by the idea that the Saudi Arabian kindgom was a unification project. Those who know the history of the region know that the project that preceded the Saudi Arabian kingdom was the ‘United Arabian Provinces’. Hijaz, Najd, Yemen, Iraq, the Levant were called the ‘Arabian Provinces’ during the Ottoman caliphate, and they formed a single political entity. They were not (separate) states. Najd and Hijaz had garrisons of a single state.

What happened is that the region was divided, and the Ottoman garrisons in Al-Ahsa’, Al-Qaseem, Hijaz, Yemen and throughout the region represented a single political unit. Britain came and divided the region in this fashion, and the Saudi Arabian kingdom came to be seen by historians as a unification project between Najd and Hijaz, which were never divided, to begin with, since the dawn of Islam. The entire region remained a single unit, and at least during the Ottoman caliphate it formed a single state. Unified provinces, and a single political unit. So, the region did not witness a unification project between Hijaz and Najd, but rather, it witnessed a project of dividing the Arabian peninsula from a single political unit into 7 units after the British occupation of the region and the imposition of division.

Despite this fact, there still persists the historical lie that the Saudi Arabian project was one of unification that united two parts. The reality is that it was a project of division that was part of the many projects of division that Britain imposed on the region. This is what is intended for Iraq and Syria, also in the name of jihad, the Caliphate, and under the banner of Islam, and meanwhile, the enemy is orchestrating the situation like it did before.


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