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The Position of Justice Within the Cosmic Laws – Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] The second thing is that in the recent era, particularly in the 19th century, these countries have justice. It’s true that there is corruption and decadence, disbelief, but there is justice. Justice, the law, there are many factors at play. One of these factors outweighs the others. The more there is justice, the more this outweighs the effect of corruption, and the effect of disbelief.

As Ibn Taymiyyah said, Allah grants victory to a just state even if it is unbelieving, and He defeats an unjust state even if it’s Muslim. So, justice is important. Justice is a very strong factor in the rise of nations, and their stability and strength. Justice is a very strange thing. Now, there are signs of a decline in justice in America and Europe. This rise of populism will constrain justice and now they are enacting laws and regulations that go against the concept of justice. The more this gains ground, they will eventually end up getting divine punishment. Wait and see. We don’t know the future, but, the signs of things happening in America in terms of populism taking hold as well as the harassment of people, at the expense of the true concept of justice, and the media war and the mutual accusations of treachery while sidelining the concept of justice, this will lead them to a dangerous collapse.

So, number one, they did experience problems. Secondly, what holds back punishment greatly is justice. If justice goes away, I don’t think it will take long before they are hit by punishment, and Allah knows best.

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