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The Ripple Effect of a Strike on Iran Throughout the Gulf – Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih]: What will be the repercussions on us of a strike against Iran? I’ve spoken about this numerous times. The Houthis will invade us from the south. The Iraqi Shiite ‘Al-Hashd Al-Sha’bi’ (Popular Mobilization Forces) will invade from the north. The pro-Iran sleeper cells based in our country (Saudi Arabia) and who are estimated at 15,000-20,000 trained and armed personnel, will immediate launch an organized and coordinated military attack. 20,000 missiles will rain down on the oil rigs throughout the Arabian Gulf, from Kuwait down to the UAE.

Of course, what I said regarding the sleeper cells in our country also applies to Kuwait and the UAE, and even Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. Yes, Iran would suffer a crushing blow from air strikes, but on the ground, at least in the early phase, it will gain the upper hand. Then, after the regimes collapse, it will be the populations versus Iran. The populations are the ones capable of confronting Iran, just like what the populations did in Iraq and Syria. Were it not for the US intervention and strikes, Iran would not have gained control of Iraq and Syria.

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