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Trump and MBS – the Collapse of the Axis of Evil



Among the good things happening, is that now there’s an increasing number of news articles in the West, which are clear and unambiguous political articles, showing that the West can no longer put up with MBS. That’s the gist of these articles. The West cannot stand MBS. That’s not because MBS is not doing enough to serve their interests. Rather, it’s because MBS is reckless and he doesn’t know how to serve his masters. If you have a servant who is obsequious but reckless and stupid, that servant will be a liability to you. If you trust him with your car or house, and he’s too hasty and enthusiastic in his servility, he could destroy the car and the house.

It’s like the example that I always use, regarding someone who has trained a grizzly bear, which became obedient to him, and when it wanted to swat the flies away from him, it struck him with a lethal blow. That’s the same here. That one’s a bear, and this one (MBS) is, like he’s called, the Tubby Teddy Bear. This stupid Tubby Teddy Bear wants to serve the West, but he’s going about it too enthusiastically, such that he’s jeopardizing the West’s options. The West doesn’t want that kind of person who would jeopardize their options. They want someone who’s evil and cunning, who plays the role of someone that respects Islam, and respects societal norms and values, and put off dealing with sensitive issues, such as opening up to Israel and confronting Iran, so that these would be carried out at a later timing. They don’t want someone who’s reckless and impulsive like MBS.

But, Allah has decreed the existence of MBS at this point in time when Trump is also in power. In fact, even though this state of affairs is deplorable, the deplorable situation in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and elsewhere that is under the influence of the Saudis and the Emiratis, and the counter-revolutionary war against the so-called Arab Spring, – depite this deplorable state of affairs, all of this is linked with MBS. The UAE under MBZ, and Egypt under Sisi, cannot endure in their tyrannical rules without MBS’s support. The reverse is not true. MBS can endure. But, they, on the other hand, rely on him. So, whenever MBS falls, this axis will collapse.

Same thing regarding Trump. Trump is the first president that is leading America through blatant lies and frauds and trickery. He is surrounded by a bunch of liars and criminals. There’s around 30 individuals around him that have been accused of corruption. Many of them have been convicted and arrested. So, the guy is surrounded by a gang of liars and criminals. Now, his personal interests – this is the first time we have clearly witnessed a president whose personal interests take precedence over the interests of the US. He behaves along that line in a clear and unambiguous manner. He has no qualms about destroying America in the process.

This situation that is taking place in America will get worse, and will reach a point that will cause America to be preoccupied with its own issues. So, on the one hand, we have MBS who’s destroying the Al-Sauds, and on the other hand, Trump who’s preoccupying America with itself. So, don’t be too upset with this deplorable state of affairs. By Allah’s permission, this will turn against them. True, we will have to pay a price for this and endure difficulties. But, the outcome, Allah-willing, will be in favor of the good people, and for the upliftment of Islam and the Ummah.

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