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Was Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Really Shot Dead? – Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] This question comes up repeatedly and I try to avoid it, regarding whether Mohammed Bin Salman was shot. The information I had was somewhat contradictory, but afterwards I was able to reconcile them. The information I had was that the man was not killed, of course. He’s still alive, and that he is in fact moving from place to place, and talking, and answering his phone. But, at the same time we have to explain the phenomenon of him not appearing in the media. The information I have rules out that he was fatally shot, or even shot so dangerously that he would have to stay in the hospital. But, at the same time, it is necessary to explain his avoiding to appear in the media. It appears that now that, indeed, he was shot, but that didn’t affect his mental capacity or mobility. Maybe it has affected his appearance, so that he won’t be able to appear— well, that was before, but now he’s gotten better, and there’s a strong possibility of him appearing these days.

Now, it’s possible that he has recovered, but up until recently, it wasn’t possible for him to show up in front of video cameras. Most of the pictures that were shown were static images. So, if we are to reconcile those two facts, there is indeed a strong possibility that he was subjected to something, he was subjected to a problem— whether it be the Khuzama incident or something else, which prevented him from appearing in front of video cameras. But, at the same time, this didn’t make him lose consciousness or his mental capacity, and he is indeed the one running the country, and he is the one making decisions regarding the interior and foreign affairs, and he has indeed received officials, and he is the one that made the decisions regarding the recent arrests, and he is the one that made the decision to launch the anti-Turkey campaign. Nothing has changed in the man’s policies after that incident. Will he come out some time soon, or later? Allah knows best.

It’s reported that he mostly likely intends to come out in order to quell these rumors. By the way, these rumors have reached the international press, and I’ve known from a reliable source that there are high-level officials in the American government agencies that are talking along those same lines. When will he make a media appearance? Allah knows best. Maybe he has in fact recovered, and will come out soon, or he may take longer. During these past days, I heard that he was in fact traveling in his yatch, and that during the (US) embassy move (to Jerusalem) he wasn’t very far away from Israel, and that he met up with those characters, the notorious four demons, but we don’t know whether he arrived in Israel or not, and participated in the celebrations with them surreptitiously, we don’t know. But, he is moving around, and he is running the country, and he is overseeing the situation.

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