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What’s Holding Mohammed Bin Salman Back From Becoming King? – Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] [Question] How far have preparations been made for Bin Salman to become king? And if he’s successful, will he strive to respect and honor the nation?

[Answer] Bin Salman has no problem. He can make the announcment at any moment, because his father has Alzheimer’s, he is oblivious of his own surroundings. So, he can announce at any moment, on behalf of his father, i.e. he’s going to let his father make the announcement. But, his problem is that he is afraid that there might be a tiny remnant within the ruling family that are holding back from making their move out of respect and reverence for his father. This is what some of the personalities of the ruling family say repeatedly. Either they repeat this excuse because they’re truly convinced of this, or they repeat it as a means to justify their cowardice and indecision and fear. They are cowardly and powerless, and so they want to justify their powerlessness by saying that, “The only thing that’s holding us back is that old man.” In reality, it’s not about the ‘old man’. They’re cowards and incapable of doing anything. So, if he were to oust his father, or if his father dies, will the ruling family rise up? Allah knows best. It’s reported that he’s afraid of that happening, and even Trump is unable to guarantee him that this (transition) will take place smoothly. He wants to quell those tiny pockets of resistance, and then announce his power grab.

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