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Why Aren’t Non-Muslims Afflicted By Calamities As Muslims Are? – Sa’ad Al-Faqih


[Dr. Sa’ad Al-Faqih] Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you. Praise Allah, Blessings and Peace be upon his Messenger. Welcome tonight, brothers.

We’re continuing with the series on Allah’s laws governing societies. This topic is worth spending time on, because it’s enlightening for us regarding many of the issues that we deal with individually and socially. On the level of society, the nation, on the global level as a whole. It explains history to us, and it explains many of the phenomena that are obscure to us. This is why it’s beneficial to talk about this, from several aspects. Tonight, we will answer a number of questions which we can say are disturbing and embarrassing on this topic. Because, those who read about Allah’s laws in society will notice certain issues that need to be clarified.

These questions come up constantly. People repeat them frequently. Some are repeated by most people, while others are repeated by people interested in this topic. Answering them is beneficial, and will complete one’s understanding of this issue, I.e., understanding Allah’s laws governing societies. I want to remind you that what is meant by Allah’s laws governing societies is these laws, these rules that govern societies, individuals like the laws of physics, chemistry, gravity, etc. Whoever does such thing, produces a particular result. Whoever avoids such thing, ends up with a particular result.

Well, a question, the first question, why aren’t the unbelievers afflicted by the calamities that affect us, such as death and expulsion, even though they have corruption, perversions, and they are unbelievers, after all, Allah has given them warnings of punishment because of their disbelief? Why don’t the unbelievers in Europe, America, China, Russia, Japan, suffer the calamities that we suffer, in terms of death and expulsion, even though they have corruption, perversions, disbelief, and impiety? Firstly, people throw this question around with short-sightedness as they only know the years that they’ve lived. They only know what they see on TV. They don’t read history, and they don’t know the nature of nations.

First of all, the unbelievers have been affected by calamities, death, expulsion, destruction, disunity, fires, and everything that you can fathom. Take Europe for example, it had so many wars, massacres and expulsions that – I’m not exaggerating, read history closely, many people don’t read history. I’m not exaggerating if I say that the wars that plagued Europe, that same Europe that today is considered the ideal of wealth, stability and well-being, that same Europe experienced during the past few centuries, not from antiquity, just in the past few centuries, only in the past 500 years, the equivalent number of wars death, expulsion and bloodshed, that we experienced at least 20 times. Not less than 20 times. The 30-year war, the 100-year war, Bismarck’s wars Napoleon’s wars, the First World War, the Second World War, and many others.

Even within each country, in each country, there were very many conflicts. America, for it to become united as the United States of America, it went through wars. Just the number of major wars there is no less than 120 battles. That’s besides the smaller wars and skirmishes that number in the hundreds. The civil war in America continued for 4 years, and which occurred about 150 years ago. It continued for 4 years. The death toll, when adjusted to today’s population, was 6 million. The proportion today would be 6 million. That time, their population level was 1/10th of today’s, 600,000. If they were counted in today’s terms, it would be 6 million dead. During First and Second World Wars, 10s of millions were killed. So, it’s not true that they have not suffered the calamities that befell us. They have corruption, injustice, disbelief, so they got the punishment they deserved.

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