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Why is MBS Intent on Flaunting His Disdain for Islam? – Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh



[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: This mad rush towards waging war against Islam by MBS, is this only for the sake of securing power? Hasn’t he already secured his grip on the throne? The answer is no. It’s not just for the sake of power. He wants to stay in power with all the privileges that it entails. He doesn’t want only power. He wants absolute and fabulous privileges to do whatever he wishes. He wants to become the first trillionaire in history. Who can guarantee for him to stay in power? Israel. Israel can’t guarantee his hold on power– well, that’s his frame of mind, of course, not ours.

Why Israel? Because, he thinks since Israel controls the US “let me please Israel, and when I please Israel, I please the US.” So, why are we (MBS) pleasing Israel by waging war on Islam? He thinks that if we’re able to strip Islam from people’s lives and from all the spheres of social life, then, people will lose the will to confront Israel. People will become more receptive towards Israel, and hence, Israel will be pleased with me, and it will approve of my hold on power with all these fabulous privileges.

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