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Why is Saudi Arabia Toning Down Its Anti-Assad Rhetoric? – Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh



[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: Isn’t the opening of embassies in Damascus and the Arab countries rushing back there a legitimization of (Bashshar) Al-Assad? If so, why is Saudi Arabia taking part in these efforts when this is going to strengthen Iran? Well, Saudi Arabia hasn’t yet opened its embassy there, but it’s on its way to doing that. Also, the Saudis have ordered their media to go easy on the Syrian regime. In fact, even the visit by (Sudan’s) Al-Bashir to Syria was orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, according to our sources. There are two explanations for this.


The first explanation is that this is to give a justification for the US troops withdrawal from Syria, as if the Syrian conflict has been resolved. The so-called jihadi groups would be wiped out, while the (Syrian) regime would be given recognition. The second explanation is that they are disturbed by the Turkish influence, and they fear that if they were to abandon Al-Assad, Turkey will expand. Their antagonism towards Turkey has become stronger than their antagonism towards Iran. Their hostility towards Turkey has intensified. “Let Iran expand its influence, but not Turkey.” Their reasoning is that Iran will be contained by the US and Israel. “Whereas Turkey, we don’t know what it could do in the future.” Hence, according to this second possible explanation, there is behind-the-scenes coordination with Israel going on.

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