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Why Mohammed Bin Salman Referred to Khamenei as ‘Hitler’? – Al-Massari


[Host] But, Mohammed Bin Salman speaks in a tone that is hostile to Iran, and he also talks about preparing for war in the next 15..

[Dr. Mohammed Al-Massari] When the Iranian revolution happened— I think we mentioned that in a previous episode, or we’ll come back to it later in detail, when we come back to Wahhabism and its repercussions in Saudi Arabia. When Iran raised the islamic banner, regardless of whether it is truly islamic or not, the fact is that it raised an islamic banner. Abdel Nasser raised an Arab nationalist banner, and socialist, and revolutionary banner. The latter was confronted with the banner of islamic solidarity by (king) Faisal, and Faisal was able to defeat it, and the historical fact is that this movement was defeated, because Faisal was able to gain the masses, and he used the (Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimoon) Muslim Brotherhood and exploited them— and we will get back to them in a little while, for that purpose, and he dealt a definitive blow to the nationalist and revolutionary movement. There is no doubt about that.

Iran came on the scene, and the revolution there was carried out on an islamic basis. Shiite Islam, but on an islamic basis. So, there was now a rival. Saudi Arabia enjoyed a monopoly. The Saudi motto was always, “There is no place in the world where the islamic Shariah is applied to the letter except us. Only us” So, now there was a new challenger who was making the claim that “we are applying the islamic Shariah.” Yes, it was according to a different school of thought and sect, but, “We are Muslims and islamists.”

So, now the monopoly was at stake, and the Saudi throne was in jeopardy, in addition to the fact that Iran had deviated from its traditional Shiite theology of awaiting the emergence of the Mahdi, and the Shiite people of Iran had begun to take matters in their own hands and hold elections, etc. All of this poses a lethal danger to the Al-Sauds. So, they played the sectarian card. Now, in addition to this, they want to strike a deal with Israel because he is deeply convinced that the Al-Sauds’ stay in power would not be possible except with the blessings of the US and Israel.

So, his statements on Iran that Khamenei is like Hitler or worse than Hitler, etc, is nothing but playing with the emotions of the Zionists and currying favor with them. Otherwise, this statement is out of context with regards to the regional conflict. There is no justification for him to be described as Hitler or not. He could have described him as Genghis Khan if he wanted, but not as Hitler. It’s clear that this was intended for the Zionist elements in order to play with the emotions of the Jews and gain them in his favor.

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