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Will MBS become King of Saudi Arabia in 2019? – Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh



[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: Do you expect MBS to be crowned king this year (2019), and the appointment of Abdullah Bin Bandar as Crown Prince? It makes no difference if it’s this year, or the next, or the year after. Whenever MBS realizes that the abdication of his father will not stir trouble within the ruling family, he will make him abdicate. The problem is if his father dies, what would he do? He would have no other option. He would have to announce himself king. Those within the king’s circles say that he appears to be healthy, but he’s suffering from chest and heart problems, which means he could die at any moment.


So, if the king dies, will MBS confront the ruling family? Some say that the ruling family are not speaking out against MBS out of respect for his father. Yes, his father has Alzeimer’s, and he’s mentally deficient, but they’re saying that the mere presence of the father is the reason why they’re showing respect for this elderly person, much like when (king) Abdallah showed respect for (king) Fahd while at the same time he was the one running the country behind the scenes, although Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd at that time was unhinged and reckless, but Abdallah didn’t say anything. So, they claim that they’re respectful towards their elders. When Salman dies, there would be no reason for the ruling family to show their obedience towards MBS.


In that case, they would be in a better position to make their move against him. MBS is now waiting for the Khashoggi case to completely die down, and he’s hoping that the US Congress won’t take any action. Currently, he’s very anxious that the new Congress that has a Democratic majority might raise this issue again, and that it would open the Mueller investigation, and that that would undermine Trump and MBS as well. So, he’s waiting for this issue to come to an end, so that he can be reassured of Trump staying in power. Only then, I presume, will he proclaim himself as the new king.

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