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Will the Saudi Government Allow British MPs to Visit its Female Detainees?



[Dr. Saad Al-Fageeh]: Will the Saudi government allow the British MPs to visit the female detainees (in Saudi Arabia)? I find it difficult for that to happen. Because, if the British MPs were to come, they won’t accept to have some tea or coffee and attend a folkloric dance, and then leave. These particular people that are coming, they have principles. It’s not a British delegation that’s on the payroll of the Saudi regime. These people that are coming are principled. They want to meet them in an organized fashion based on a sound legal framework.

So, they won’t accept any kind of trickery. They want to meet the female detainees. They want to inspect their location. They want to meet with their relatives. They want to meet their interrogators. They want to bring doctors to do check ups on the female detainees in order to check whether there are signs of torture. It’s impossible for the Saudi regime to allow this to happen. If it allows this, it means that it would allow for a giant scandal to be exposed in its prisons.

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